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Student Organizations

PurposeThe Student Government Association is responsible for enhancing student life, contributing opinions and information to the colleges and university leadership regarding student concerns, providing support to individual students, student clubs, and other organizations, and sponsoring and hosting programs and community service events on campus.
MembershipOpen to all students
MeetingsWednesdays at 6:30 p.m. in the Russell Union Ballroom
Student Nurses Association
PurposeTo develop leadership skills, encourage academic achievement and clinical excellence through involvement in nursing activities.
MembershipOpen to pre-nursing or nursing majors.
MeetingsFour times per semester
ContactMarie Graf, (912) 478-0890,
Black Student Nursing Association
PurposeTo assist and promote the acceptance and retention of black and minority students in the Georgia Southern Nursing program.
MembershipOpen to all pre-nursing and nursing majors.
MeetingsFour times per semester
ContactMarian Tabi, (912) 478-5998,;
PHI UPSILON OMICRON Beta Mu Chapter, Honor Society
PurposeTo promote academic excellence, provide personal and professional development, and to provide opportunities for service in order to advance the professions of family and consumer sciences.
MembershipBased on scholastic standing (Minimum GPA: 3.0) and leadership qualities for students who have completed a minimum of 35 semester hours in a family and consumer sciences major or related area.
ContactDr. Trent Maurer, (912) 478-1522; Dina Walker-DeVose, (912) 478-7312
Officers President: Kathleen Brooks
Vice President: Mary Trippe
Treasurer: Kasey Martin
Secretary: Deandra Rucker
DIMES Fashion Organization
PurposeTo expose students interested in the fashion industry and its various counterparts to projects, aspects, and opportunities in a positive and stable atmosphere.
MembershipAny student majoring in fashion merchandising & apparel design
ContactVeronica Jones, (912) 478-1932
Child and Family Development Club
Purpose The purpose of this club is to inform future child and family development professionals of conferences, career tips, and career opportunities. This club helps future child and family development professionals apply skills while participating in local conferences and community service.
MembershipAny student majoring in child and family development, early childhood education, sociology, special education, psychology or other related areas
MeetingsSix times per semester
ContactDr. Alice Hall, (912) 478-0397,; Co-advisor: Dr. Jennifer Zorotovich, (912) 478-8546,
OfficersPresident: Katherine Delp
Vice President: Shannon Brown
Secretary: Skylar Hooper
Treasurer: Amber New
American Society of Interior Designers, Georgia Southern University Student Chapter
PurposeTo promote professionalism and establish a common identity for professionals, students, and businesses in the field of interior design.
MembershipOpen to students with an interest in interior design
ContactMs. Amy Boyett-Whiter: (912) 478-5145,
OfficersPresident: Amy Harmon
Vice President: Alex Ennis
Secretary: Rebekah Hebert
Treasurer: Giselle Jackson
Visual Presentation Coordinator: Lauren Lee
Marketing Chair: Tayla' Cooper-Thompson
Fundraising Chair: Jacob Lee
Student Therapeutic Recreation Association
PurposeThe purpose of STRA is to encourage participation in career programs offered by STRA, to promote professionalism and social interaction among students, to provide opportunities for professional development, and to create an awareness of therapeutic recreation. The mission of STRA is to be a student run organization that provides educational experiences and encourages awareness of recreational therapy.
MembershipOpen to all interested students
MeetingsTwice a month
ContactDr. Brent Wolfe, (912) 478-7381
Georgia Southern University Child Life Organization
PurposeTo promote awareness of Child Life throughout the campus and community. We strive to promote personal and professional growth of our members through education, community outreach, and advocacy. We uphold the mission of the Child Life Council which is to empower children and families as they master challenging life events.
MembershipAny student enrolled at Georgia Southern University
MeetingsOnce per month
ContactDr. Jerri Kropp (912) 478-5420
OfficersPresident: Kiante Childress
Vice President: Sogaya Jean
Treasurer: Mary Louise Trippe
Volunteer Coordinator: Brittany Chambers
Historian: Charlotte Hope
Secretary: Cayenne Collier
Kupcakes for Kids Chair: Sarah Olive
Fashion Menagerie
PurposeTo build an environment of creativity among fashion merchandising and apparel design students in order to provide an outlet to utilize inspiration, increase awareness of fashion related events, promote and showcase local designers’ talents and publish creative works of students while executing, producing, contributing, and educating ourselves and our community about the ever-changing and dynamic world of fashion.
MembershipOpen to all interested students
ContactHope Simpara (912)478-7380
OfficersPresident: Teryn A. Parker
Vice President: Sadrina Sampson
Secretary: Ceanna Ash
Treasurer: Keisha Jones
Outdoor Adventure Klub (OAK)
PurposeTo bring students with varying levels of outdoor knowledge, skills, and abilities together in order to grow and challenge each other in a fun and supportive environment.
MembershipOpen to all University students
MeetingsBiweekly at the Recreation Activity Center seminar room
ContactDr. John Peden (912-478-5684 or
Student Dietetic Association
PurposeTo promote awareness of the nutrition and dietetics field, promote professional development, to increase student awareness, and provide information to nutrition and dietetics majors.
MembershipOpen to all students majoring or minoring in nutrition and food sciences.
ContactDr. Amy Jo Riggs, (912) 478-7753
Health and Physical Education Club
PurposeTo promote the health and physical education major through community service and professional development. Fundraising activities help support student attendance to professional organizations, conferences and events
MembershipOpen to all health and physical education majors
ContactDr. Gavin Colquitt, (912) 478-0889
GS Athletic Training Association
PurposeTo promote the field of athletic training and provide a means for student to attend conferences and network.
MembershipOpen to all athletic training majors
ContactDr. Steven Patterson, (912) 478-8014
Southern Exercise Science Club
PurposeTo promote the exercise science major through community service and professional development. Fundraising activities support student attendance to professional organizations, conferences, and events
MembershipOpen to all exercise science majors
Dr. Greg Ryan, (912) 478-7427;
Dr. Bridget Melton, (912) 478-0510
Sport and Exercise Psychology Club (SEP)
PurposeFocused on the advancement of knowledge within the sport and exercise psychology field. This club is directed towards students interested in learning about and expanding their understanding of the concepts, issues, topics, and ideas within the field.
MembershipOpen to anyone with an interest in the sport & exercise psychology
MeetingsRegularly, contact for details
Dr. Brandonn Harris, (912) 478-7900
Sport Management Club
PurposeTo learn more about sport management, develop managerial and leadership skills through involvement in community and peer interactions, and establish communication networks with sport industry professionals.
MembershipOpen to anyone with an interest in the sport management field.
MeetingsTwice a month
ContactDr. Hyun-Woo Lee, (912) 478-2274
Food Science Association
PurposeTo promote an interest in food science and nutrition, and provide professional opportunities for students through guest speakers, volunteer opportunities, and club activities. This organization also provides an opportunity for students to develop their networking skills as they seek internships and job opportunities.
MembershipOpen to anyone with an interest in foods, food science, and nutrition and health.
ContactDr. Padmini Shankar, (912) 478-5785

Last updated: 2/9/2017