Where is the Student Services Center located?

We are located in the Hollis Building, room 0101 (ground floor) and room 2105 (top floor).

How can I contact the Student Services Center?

You can contact the Student Services Center by calling (912) 478-1931 or (912) 478-4123. The best method to reach your advisor is by email. Please allow up to 72 hours for your advisor to respond to messages.

Which students are advised in the Student Services Center?

All undergraduate CHHS students are advised in the Student Services Center. Graduate CHHS students are advised in their respective department by faculty. If you are in the RN-BSN program, please contact Dr. Kathy Thornton at

How do I make an appointment?

There are two ways you schedule an appointment with your College of Health & Human Sciences advisor:

Schedule online through GradesFirst in your MyGeorgiaSouthern portal
See full instructions here
Call us at (912) 478-1931 or (912) 478-4123

*Please note that you cannot be advised via telephone.

What is online advisement and who can take advantage of it?

If you are a current CHHS major with more than 30 credit hours completed and have an institutional GPA  of 2.0 or better, you may complete your advisement session online! All of our advisors participate in online advisement.

If you would like to utilize this service, complete the online advisement request form.

When should I get advised?

When it is time to be advised you will get an announcement sent to you campus email address informing you when to schedule and appointment for advisement for the upcoming term. It’s a good idea to mark your personal calendar with a reminder at midterm to contact the Student Services Center for an appointment if you haven’t heard from us. You must be advised in order to receive your RAN.

Where can I find my advisement form?

You can request a copy of your advisement form by contacting your advisor or logging onto GradesFirst.

How do I know who my advisor is?

Advisors are trained to advise you in all of the majors in our College. The Student Services Center assigns advisors by the last name of the student. Please check the directory for your assigned advisor or review the Who is My Advior form.

What if you’re on probation, academic intervention or exclusion?

Schedule an appointment to meet personally with one of our advisors to discuss your situation and see what we can do to help.

Who advises graduate students?

Graduate CHHS students are advised in their respective department by faculty. The Student Services Center only advises undergraduate CHHS students.

How do I prepare for advisement?

1. Check the online schedule of classes and prepare a list of classes you’d prefer to take and a list of alternates. If possible, you should have at least two alternates for every preferred class.

2. Be familiar with your program of study. A curriculum sheet for your major is available in the SSC and online.

3. Be familiar with your University Catalog. It’s filled with great information.

How to avoid missing important email messages?

You can actually have your Georgia Southern University email forwarded to your personal email account that you check every day. Go to WINGS, then to PERSONAL INFORMATION, then to UPDATE EMAIL ADDRESSES. You can select a preferred email address and your email will be forwarded to that address. You can also update changes in your home address at that site. It’s really important to keep your PERSONAL INFORMATION up-to-date on WINGS. So make it a habit to check your PERSONAL INFORMATION and update it once a semester.

What are important dates to know?

Last updated: 3/20/2017

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