Change to a CHHS major

We are thrilled that you want to change your major to one of the many we offer! In order to assure that all of your information is transferred to us correctly, please be sure to speak with your current advisor or advising center.

Whether you are a freshman, senior, already a CHHS major or coming from a different college, the process is the same – you will complete the online process through MyGeorgiaSouthern and the advisors will do the rest.

Please note, that you will NOT receive a phone call or email from us to indicate that we have your file.  It typically takes a few days to receive your file, feel free to call us to set up an appointment after that time.

Declare a CHHS minor

Speak with your current advisor (it does not have to be a CHHS advisor).  They will provide you with the paperwork required to declare a minor and will be able to advise you regarding courses.

Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an
Appointment »

If you are currently a CHHS major, you may schedule an appointment using Appointment-Plus.

If you are not a CHHS major or if you experience problems using Appointment-Plus, call (912) 478-1931 to meet with an advisor in person.

Instruction for Online Advisement

If you are a current CHHS major with more than 30 hours of credit and have an institutional gpa of 2.0 or better, you may complete your advisement session online! All of our advisors participate in online advisement. If you would like to utilize this service, complete the online advisement request form.


Free tutoring is available to Georgia Southern University students in a variety of subjects. Sessions are available at a variety of times and through a variety of mediums including. Visit the Academic Success Center for more information including a schedule of tutoring times.

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