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Promotion and Tenure

CHHS Guidelines 2017-2018

Portfolio Helpful Hints

Academic administrators and peer teaching faculty when assessing a faculty member’s performance in the three areas of evaluation (teaching, scholarship, and service), must make professional judgments about how well responsibilities are fulfilled. Every effort should be made to ensure that judgments throughout the review process are based on objective evidence, and are consistent as applied to the faculty of all departments within the College. The College of Health & Human Sciences provides the following guidelines and parameters to be used by faculty members for pre-tenure, promotion, tenure, and post-tenure reviews.

These Guidelines were originally developed during Spring Quarter 1993 by an ad hoc committee representing faculty from each of the academic departments. Members representing all ranks within the College of Health & Human Sciences were appointed by the Dean upon recommendations of the department chairs to review the promotion, tenure, and pre-tenure (progress) review for the College of Health & Human Sciences. The purpose of this committee was to discuss and develop guidelines and parameters that clarified both the process and criteria expected within the College of Health & Human Sciences for faculty in all departments, effective with the 1993-94 review process. Special attention was given to developing guidelines which reflected the mutual interests of the faculty and the administration. The information provided in these Guidelines should form the basis for faculty to make decisions and compile materials for Pre-Tenure, Promotion, Tenure, and Post-Tenure reviews.

Editorial revisions  have been made annually to update the document and make areas of review consistent with other Colleges across the University. In addition, revisions have been made to reflect College reorganization, promotion and tenure guidelines adopted by the Faculty Senate, and to bring the guidelines into compliance with the Faculty Development Initiative of the University System of Georgia Board of Regents.

Last updated: 4/21/2017